Saturday, February 13, 2010

Shaped cards

This card was SO fun. Once in a while on the Yahoo group that I'm on called Stamped, we have card swaps. A few different times, we've had shaped card swaps, and they are SO much fun, I just can't ever say no! I am usually involved in more than one group. This one is one of my favorites, it's a frog, I cut out little ovals in black velvet paper for fly bodies and heads with my Silhouette, and ovals in vellum for the wings. I was initially going to use a little spring to stick the fly to and make it look like the frog was trying to grab it with its tongue, but that didn't work out like I planned, so here is the final product. :)

I also have done two different cake slices, one that opened at the top, another that opened at the side, a fish bowl, complete with goldfish, and a cupcake.

I can't find the fish bowl card right now, but it was so cute... Anyway, if you have the opportunity to do a shaped card, I recommend it. It's a LOT of fun!

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