Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I took my oldest son to the pediatrician today.  He will be 15 years old tomorrow.  Everything seemed fine, until the doctor mentioned that my son has only grown 1.5 inches in 18 months.  He's not progressing through puberty like he should be.  SO, I had to take him to the hospital for a blood draw, where they are checking testosterone levels, among other things.  And they took an x-ray of his hand to compare to other x-rays, to see his "growth age".   I am trying not to be freaked out about this.  But it's hard not to.  I was planning on an uneventful well check for him.  Especially with everything else going on.  My life feels like it's just falling apart.  I'm just going to put my trust in God that He will take care of things, and handle them the way they need to be handled.  Sometimes that is easier said than done.

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