Thursday, February 3, 2011

Admitted We Were Powerless...

My last post was extremely dark, yes? Sad, but true.

Three days later, I was sober. And scared to death of what was going to come next. Six days after that, I was at my first 12-step meeting. Well, my first THIS time. I'm glad to say that I'm doing better now, at 23 days. And, God willing, with His grace, I will have 30 days next Thursday.

I've been going to MANY meetings, and last night I gave my will/life to God. I had to, because I couldn't deal with the pain I had anymore. This morning I woke up with peace, and the black hole in my chest had closed up. I was calm, the chatter in my head had left me. I'm not saying it will stay this way, I have to make sure I keep God in the forefront of everything I'm doing. But all I have to do is go back and turn it over to Him.

You see, what I tend to forget is that I am God's child. And that He loves me. And THAT makes me important. Just the way I am.

I'm taking a class by Melody Ross called Soul Restoration, and we're working on finding truths from our "truthteller". My truthteller is God. And one of the truths that spoke to me was, "Let God's opinion of you be your opinion of yourself."

Shouldn't we all do that? Food for thought.


  1. You are really opening yourself up. I recently posted over at The RHOK about all of the lies we tell ourselves. Sounds like you have a good handle on this. Best of luck to you!