Saturday, April 10, 2010

Self Challenge complete!

OK, so before tonight's crop, I challenged myself to use the paper from 10 years ago and somehow make it cute.

Well, I think I did it. I am going to be very brief, because I have church in the a.m. and I am exhausted and it's past midnight, in fact it's about 25 to one. So here it is. I colored the leaves a little and added some veining in them to make them a little more realistic, because you know, they just were NOT real looking at all. They're at least a little better now. I also added yellow stickles to the daisy centers, and diamond stickles to the edges of the daisies, leaves, and the letters. It's hard to see from the scan, I probably should have taken a picture, but let's face it... scan's take less time, and time is of the essence tonight. :) So here it is, my altered comp book!

OK, so I guess in this picture you can't see the stickles at all, but, well, they're there, I promise. Trust me, I am like the stickle queen! :) Anyway, there you have it. Enjoy :)

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